Let me start by saying that Jill is amazing.

Hiring Jill as my doula was the best decision I made throughout my entire pregnancy. Jill contacted me via Facebook after many individuals recommended her on a post on Facebook indicating that I was in search of a doula. Jill and I planned to get together to discuss her services, however before that could happen I found myself at the hospital 33 weeks pregnant, alone, scared, and in pre-term labor. Even though we had not met, or discussed any sort of agreement, Jill found out that I was in the hospital and immediately offered to come up and comfort me.

In the hospital, we had an impromptu meeting and I hired her as my doula. Jill asked me a bunch of questions about what I did and did not want… some of them I had NO idea that I had the right to refuse! She listed the pros and cons about things and encouraged me to do more research and decide whether or not they were things that I wanted. Jill was very encouraging and supportive as I made my decisions. I was in the hospital for 3 days as the doctors attempted to stop my labor. Each time I called Jill, with questions, concerns, and when I just needed a friend, she came up to help me with no hesitations. My labor stalled, and after discussing the pros and cons, I left the hospital.

A day and a half later, I found myself heading back to the hospital. This time, there was no stopping my labor. Jill came up to the hospital as soon as I called her. With my personal goals of no interventions and a natural labor and delivery, Jill helped me through each contraction. Jill helped me into different positions and showed me methods to get myself through the contractions. My labor was getting more and more intense, but I was not dilating. Jill suggested that I get in a hot bath to help relax my body and hopefully help my body dilate. She sat in the bathroom with me for quite some time, pouring hot water over my belly with a paper cup each time I had a contraction. Soon the contractions grew stronger, and my body grew weaker. After 18 hours of active labor, and 5 days of contractions and stopped labor, I was just too exhausted. I discussed getting some IV medications so I could nap. Jill talked to me, and asked me if was I sure, and if I would be disappointed in myself if I did get the medication (it was not in my birth plan). I ended up getting some medication and I was finally able to relax enough that my body could do the work it needed to do.

I labored for a long time, and every time I called for Jill, she would help me get through the contractions by pushing my hips together. It was heaven. Not once did she complain of being tired or (basically) catering to me. After an hour of exhausting pushing, my beautiful baby boy was welcomed into the world. Though premature, he was healthy and a whopping 6 pounds, 1.8 ounces and 19 inches long. Unfortunately he was an automatic NICU admit and was soon whisked away from me. Jill stayed in my hospital room for the long 3 ½ hour wait so I could see my baby. Jill also came to the NICU on multiple occasions to check on baby and I. She even encapsulated my placenta.

Jill and I have become very close friends, she is a wonderful person with a spunky personality. I highly recommend that you call her and schedule an interview with her about your upcoming birth! Jill is amazing!

-Kyla D.


Jill was a wonderful doula. She was very attentive to our needs during labor and made helpful suggestions as the labor progressed. Even though I became restricted to the bed, she was able to help make me as comfortable as possible. She was an advocate for me when communicating with doctors and nurses. She even took pictures! I would recommend Jill as a doula.

– Lindsay R.


I would highly recommend Jill Hawtrey to anyone looking for a great experience.  She offered me several non-medicated alternatives when it came to my labor pains.  She encouraged me and she made sure that I was always comfortable.  Even when things did not go as planned she still was there making sure that my voice was heard.  Also, my husband was able to participate along with her help. She made it very easy for him to be involved during my labor.  Again I would like to thank her for the time and effort she put in making my birth a wonderful and memorable experience.

– Teascha and Richard S.